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My favourite cake

Posted Dec. 14, 2012, 11:35 a.m. By yancey

When I plan to bake, I must think and plan properly. Because it is so seldom that I do bake it is usually make me want to bake as much as possible.

What I think is fun to bake is actually cake. In the past, I baked a lot of bread even cakes and rolls and such. But nowwhen I bake, I bake cakes.

But today, I'm actually going to try to bake cup cakes. They are so good, and especially cute. All the different colors and shapes they can have make them look very inviting. Unfortunately, many they contain many calories and they're pretty bad for the health. But since I don't bake so often, I think doesn't matter.

Tonight I'm gonna invite my guests to freshly baked cup cakes!